Manueco Receives A Warning From CC.OO That He Will Sue The 2023 Budget

The Council of Workers’ Commissions of Castilla y León has approved a resolution in which it demands the president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández, Mañueco to “correct the illegalities of the General Budget of the Community for 2023” or take it to court, without ruling out the criminal route.

The highest management body of the union organization between Congresses, in which the nine provinces and the seven sectoral federations participate, considers that the representativeness and legitimacy of this union organization is “directly attacked in the 2023 budget project”.

CC.OO. warns that “if these matters are not corrected through partial amendments”, the budgets that are approved “may have elements of illegality and possible prevarication by the Government of the Board”, for which the union “will take them to the courts through the channels that are appropriate depending on the matters”, without ruling out any, “including criminal proceedings and the Constitutional Court”.

The CCOO Council has demanded that the president of the Board and his Government “correct these illegalities and reflect in the 2023 budgets the legality in force in the Spanish Constitution, the Organic Law of Union Freedom, the Statute of Autonomy of Castilla y León and in Law 8/2008 creating the Council for Social Dialogue and regulation of Institutional Participation”. Vox cuts subsidies to employers and unions in half

CCOO recalls that it carries out “a work in the bodies of institutional participation and in the monitoring commissions of the social dialogue agreements in force, as well as in any entity or institutional act”.

Likewise, he has reviewed the actions carried out in recent weeks to denounce the actions “in many cases, illegal” of “the extreme right” in the government of Castilla y León, “especially in the field of the Ministry of Industry , Trade and Employment; although not only”.

Thus, the mobilization campaign against “exclusionary and non-compliant” policies began with the autonomic assembly of delegates last October, and with mobilizations on October 28 about the elimination of public employment policies in the Service Public Employment (Ecyl).

In addition, they have culminated this November 27 with demonstrations in defense of democracy, legality, the social state and law, with demonstrations in all the capitals and in Ponferrada.

The union has stressed that they will continue with joint mobilizations, such as the one that is already scheduled for December 23 in the Cortes , around the approval of the 2023 budget.

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