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If you are an inveterate movie lover and want to enjoy home theater with the best surround sound quality, technology plays a fundamental role so that you can enjoy a good movie or any type of content from your television with incredible sound quality, thanks to the latest sound bars.

Sound bars are replacing heavy sound equipment with large speakers , being a device that brings together several speakers, offering a compact design that you can place anywhere in your house without taking up too much space and easy to transport and with premium connectivity so that you can enjoy crystal clear sound whether via HDMI cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi .

To choose the best sound bar for you, the first thing you should take into account is the number of speakers that are integrated and, depending on the number of speakers that the sound bar has, the better the sound quality, making the sound bar sound offers a more immersive and clear sound.

You can find models that have Dolby Atmos technology , which is nothing more than a series of speakers pointing upwards, obtaining a three-dimensional surround sound that will make you enjoy your favorite movies as if you were inside them.

Another important factor is the sound power of the soundbar which is measured in watts and indicates how loud and clear the soundbar’s built-in speakers will play.

The sound power of the sound bar is in accordance with the size of the room where you want to place it, since depending on the size of the room you will need a sound bar with more or less power.

Just as the number of speakers and the power of the sound bar is important, when buying a sound bar, you should also look at the type of speakers and that they have a subwoofer so you can adjust the bass of the speakers. obtaining higher quality sound.

There are also two types of soundbars, passive bars and active bars . Passive soundbars do not incorporate an amplifier, but offer better sound quality than active soundbars, which do incorporate an amplifier, but usually offer poorer sound quality .

Finally, you should consider the connectivity of the sound bar since you can find different options that you can connect directly to the television with an HDMI cable to enjoy the maximum sound quality or enjoy a wireless connection through Bluetooth to quickly connect the sound bar to your mobile device or tablet or via Wi- Fi to connect the sound bar directly to the Internet or use a virtual voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Assistant .

Some soundbars also come with a remote or remote control so you can easily program and control your soundbar.

Below, we share with you the best sound bars available on Amazon so you can quickly set up a home theater in your home and enjoy your favorite music and movies with crisp, clear sound that will draw you into the content with a 3-story surround experience. dimensions.

Don’t wait any longer and get one of the best sound bars with subwoofer exclusively for you and don’t let them tell you about it!

JBL sound bar

The JB L sound bar has MultiBeam and Virtual Dolby Atmos technology that will offer you an immersive 3D audio experience together with its strong bass to enjoy a unique experience. You can connect this fantastic sound bar with an HDMI cable to obtain better sound quality, or wirelessly via Bluetooth from your mobile phone or tablet or with AirPlay, Alexa and Chromecast to play your favorite music from any room.

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LG sound bar

The LG-branded soundbar delivers Hi-Res high-resolution sound up to 24bit/192KHz with precise and pleasing sound and features DTS Virtual:X and Al Sound Pro technology for immersive, three-dimensional sound. adapt to audiovisual content. Plus, you can conveniently connect this sound bar via HDMI for better sound quality, optical input , or via Bluetooth wireless connectivity from your mobile device or tablet.

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Creative Sound Bar

This fantastic computer and TV sound bar with mounting kit from Creative offers high performance with a maximum power of 160W and has two custom tuned midrange drivers and a long throw subwoofer achieving deep and intense bass that you immersed in your favorite music and movies. You can easily control this sound bar thanks to its simple remote control and have several connectivity options, both for television and computer with optical audio input, 3.5mm auxiliary input, USB or, through wireless Bluetooth from your mobile phone.

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sharp sound bar

The next 6 cm slim low profile Sharp brand sound bar features an external subwoofer system with powerful bass for an immersive sound experience in the comfort of your home with a built-in remote to control the bar remote sound. In addition, you can connect the sound bar to the television with HDMI for better sound quality, digital optical audio, 3.5 mm auxiliary input , or through the wireless Bluetooth function to play your content from your mobile or tablet.

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