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Blenders are an increasingly popular kitchen utensil , both in homes and in restaurants and cafes, which will allow you to centrifuge fruits and vegetables to prepare juices and smoothies from the comfort of your home and enjoy unique and healthy recipes and combinations.

The first thing you should take into account when buying a blender for fruits and vegetables is its capacity in liters and its dimensions . Depending on the number of members of your family and the use you want to give your blender, you will have to decide on a model with a greater or lesser capacity.

On the one hand, if you choose a compact and lightweight blender, you will have more free space in your kitchen, but on the other hand, you will have to spend more time preparing your favorite drinks. The average capacity range of the most popular blenders on the market is between half a liter and two liters without the need to change the container and the choice of one model or another will depend on your needs.

Another important factor will be the performance of the blender and the speed and efficiency that it has to obtain the juice from the fruit. To know the performance of a blender, you should look at the power of its motor , as well as the number of adjustable speeds it has so that you can adapt the blender to your star recipes.

To improve the efficiency in the preparation of your juices and smoothies, it is essential that you observe the width of the insertion tube of the blender, since depending on its thickness, you can insert whole fruits and vegetables or cut them into large pieces in order to save time and effort in preparing them . preparation of your juices.

It is worth noting the importance of the safety of the blender , as well as whether it has sliding feet that will keep the blender safe and stable, especially when a high blending speed is selected, since vibrations could cause the blender to fall to the ground. and suffer damage.

In accordance with this point, the materials of the blender are also important , with stainless steel and aluminum blenders being the safest and most reliable due to the resistance and durability of these materials that will allow you to use the blender for many years.

Many blenders have extra elements that make them higher-end utensils, giving you a series of interesting features such as a drip nozzle to prevent splashes and have a cleaner kitchen, a transparent top cover so you can see the state of your food while it blends or a series of compartments so you can store the power cord and other small items .

Finally, note that blenders are difficult utensils to clean and it will take you a while to complete this mission, so it is advisable (if you can afford it) to buy a blender that can be disassembled to wash in the dishwasher or even a model that has an automatic washing function .

Next, we share with you the best blenders for fruits and vegetables available on Amazon with exclusive offers for you so that you can prepare your favorite juices and smoothies in no time, preserving all their nutrients and with the best flavor.

What are you waiting for to take one of the best blenders for fruits and vegetables from now on?

Cecotec fruit and vegetable blender

Cecotec ‘s blender for fruits and vegetables is designed with a titanium coating on the disk , sharp and durable, an input channel for whole fruits and vegetables of 65 mm and a power of up to 650W with two different speeds to achieve perfect results with any food quickly with its 19,000 rpm centrifugal system . This fantastic blender has an integrated pulp container and a jug for juice with a capacity of 500 ml and you can easily clean it in your dishwasher.

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Diyuto fruit and vegetable blender

This Diyuto fruit and vegetable blender features slow speed technology , a 3-stage stainless steel filter and a 7-segment spiral masticator to extract up to 90% purity from the juice, as well as its two available speed modes. with a maximum of 110 rpm to crush all kinds of fruits and vegetables. This silent blender for fruits and vegetables has a maximum capacity of 700 ml and you can easily disassemble it to facilitate cleaning .

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Moulinex fruit and vegetable blender

The following compact and resistant blender for fruits and vegetables from Moulinex has a feeding tube diameter of 49 mm to be able to insert any type of food, an easy-to-clean stainless steel filter, a metal security closure with the triple lid closure for safe and easy use and a capacity of up to 950 ml that you can prepare quickly thanks to its powerful 350 W motor and a rotation speed of 12,800 revolutions per minute.

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Philips fruit and vegetable blender

This elegant and compact blender for fruits and vegetables from the Philips brand has a maximum capacity of 2 liters of juice at a time thanks to its powerful 700 W motor and its 75 mm inlet hole where you can insert whole fruits and vegetables. in one piece and check the results through its transparent pulp container. Plus, you’ll be able to clean this great blender quickly and easily with its QuickClean automatic cleaning technology .

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